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Morning Glow

The sun slowly rises, illuminating the dimly lit room through a small peak in the curtain. The chirping birds and the cool, gentle earthly breeze settles the mood for the newly born morning.Yet we are asleep.As I open my eyes and slowly rise to begin my day, I can't help but steal a glance at… Continue reading Morning Glow

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SWS #9: Let’s Move Ahead

Hey everyone! Hope your week's going smoothly and everything's going according to plan for you. So, here's another six word story, because six word stories are pretty easy and interesting to write so far (even if it's at the last minute as well). Sometimes we just gotta move forward Lemme know what you guys think… Continue reading SWS #9: Let’s Move Ahead

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The Read Write Contest (feat. Some Blogging News)

Hey guys! Hope y'all are having a lovely or an eventful December so far. Today, we're gonna be looking at this really cool contest called the "Read Write Contest" hosted by none other than Betty @ The Box Of Wonder, a really cool blogger who's got some wacky and fun posts and also the Santosphere… Continue reading The Read Write Contest (feat. Some Blogging News)

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Writer’s Block Sucks – The Stages

Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.- Wikipedia's definition of writer's block Don't you just hate it when you sit in front of your laptop and open Word/Notepad/(insert any writing tool) and stare at it for hours and… Continue reading Writer’s Block Sucks – The Stages

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Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge

Image credit goes to Skedrick @ reddit.com Hey everyone! Hope y'all are doing okay and staying safe during these times. Boy, do I have a rather hilarious post in store for you today. Better buckle yourselves up for this one. Today's post is going to feature a second serving of the "Fibbing Friday" challenge, but… Continue reading Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge

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Moonlit Bliss

Soothing, serene, melodic and tranquil notesLull my weary soul to sleep.In a land of moonlit dreams I wander;Not a single earthly worry in sight.Jumping across the wispy dream catchers,Wordlessly spilling secrets in the starry sky.Among the silent oceans my mind sails,Finally delving into the state of peace.It's timeless moments like these we must cherish,Before going… Continue reading Moonlit Bliss