Hours pass by, the clock ticks away:The idyllic neighborhood lulled into a soundless sleep.The moon and stars have come out to play,Yet you're wide awake! Poor little soul, plagued by sleeplessnessAs you toss and turn, desperate for a wink of sleep.Counting sheep seemed fruitless; erratic thoughts rushing to your headA sliver of sleep caresses your... Continue Reading →

Music Post Suggestions?

Guess who's gotta go back to online classes temporarily? Yup......with the surge in the cases in my country, my college has decided to conduct online classes temporarily as per government orders. The plus side is that we only have three 1 hour classes a day (otherwise, there'd be a boycott from all parties 😂😂). But... Continue Reading →

What Not To Say To Book Lovers

What comes to your mind when you hear the words "book lover"? I'm pretty sure you're picturing a nerdy and an introverted individual, right? Well, that's not entirely the case, 'cause book lovers are quite an interesting species who have their own set of ups and downs. How do I know this? It's mainly 'cause... Continue Reading →

Things You Get When You Wear Braces

After 2 gruesome weeks of exams, they're finally over! But, the bad news is that 12th Grade classes begin today and I've got to swap my online quarantine routine for my forgotten offline routine 😢 (But the bonus point is that I can physically meet my friends). Anyways, it's been a while since I wrote... Continue Reading →

Misheard Lyrics In Songs # 2

The dreaded weeks have come-th, thou student bards must brace thine-selves for the tempest! In simpler words........ "Brace yourselves, exams are coming". Don't know why I had to sound so fancy in the intro, but I'm guessing it's 'cause my Literature paper's today. Remember how I told you guys about a part 2 of the... Continue Reading →

Misheard Lyrics In Songs #1

Wow, today's gonna be a great day. Wanna know why? 'Cause it's the 1st time I didn't write this post at 7 pm or at 10 pm on a Sunday! Yay XD Ah, yes: one of the most awaited series of this blog. In case you're clueless as to what I'm talking about, I'll give... Continue Reading →

Dear Fictional Characters

You've brightened my life in the darkest times, You made me smile when I was down in the dumps. You've made me laugh till my sides were sore! You opened portals galore, to take me to another dimension where I could forget my worries and be myself. We've been on plenty of thrilling adventures together... Continue Reading →

Hey there!

Today's post is gonna be simple. I'm just gonna ask you one simple question: How are y'all doing? How am I doing, you ask? Well...........I'm drowning in a sea of projects and assignments for this whole month. It's better explained through these gifs: (My laptop whenever I type lengthy drafts) On the plus side, I've... Continue Reading →

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