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Fact or Fiction: Smiling Is Contagious

*whips out imaginary camera and yells "Say cheese!" * Nah, I'm just joking. But didn't those few seconds of smiling make you feel good? I'm sure it did, 'cause there's lot more to smiling than just fun or goofy pictures. It is often said that a smile can brighten up any dark or dull room.… Continue reading Fact or Fiction: Smiling Is Contagious

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SWS #7- The Success Story

Want to participate in the challenge? Check out the guidelines by clicking here. Without failure; success cannot be achieved. The prompt for this week is explained in the title itself, which is Success. So that was my take on it. The thing everyone forgets/overlooks about failure, is that you're supposed to look at it as… Continue reading SWS #7- The Success Story