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At The Crossroads

At the crossroads we lie,As intriguing but daunting it may be:New beginnings await ahead. Β© 2022, Silver Stone. All rights reserved. Don’t land yourself in hot water, be smart! Aug 2022 edit: thought I'd repost this since today's the day I officially go to college. So excited and nervous at the same time! πŸ˜†

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The Peer Pressure Tag

Image credit goes to some random Pinterest template I found Here it is, at last. The tag that I've put off for a solid year is finally being answered πŸ˜…πŸ€­ Anyways, if you've stuck around WP for a while, you must've probably heard of this tag just floating around in the blogosphere. So, here's "The… Continue reading The Peer Pressure Tag

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Things You Get When You’re The Sarcastic Friend

A snarky comment a day, leads to a series of blockbuster MMA movie series. Dang, I wish I had a mute button sometimes.- Anonymous snarky specimen Have you ever been in a situation that just made you think, β€œIf you’re waiting for me to give a crap, you better pack some lunch. It’s going to… Continue reading Things You Get When You’re The Sarcastic Friend