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Bookish Memes For The Bookworms

Blogger's note: Image credit for the 1st one goes to BoredPanda, the website for the bored folk in need of hilarious ish. After temporarily being shut down, I've decided to revive the memes part of my blog for a change. This time, the memes are book themed for all you bookworms/occasional readers out there. Without… Continue reading Bookish Memes For The Bookworms

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If Your School Subjects Were People

Ever wondered how your school subjects would be like if they were actually people? Well, today's post shall attempt to personify them in a way you and I could imagine. So......let's get into this, shall we? English: *in a restaurant* Excuse me, waiter. Uh......I'd like to order a plate of paper thin rice and lentil… Continue reading If Your School Subjects Were People