Memes: Tom and Jerry edition

Who doesn't love Tom and Jerry? They were our childhood, after all. So, just for the heck of it, here are some Tom and Jerry memes. Enjoy! Until then, fellow readers! See you next week -Silver Stone

Misheard Lyrics In Songs # 2

The dreaded weeks have come-th, thou student bards must brace thine-selves for the tempest! In simpler words........ "Brace yourselves, exams are coming". Don't know why I had to sound so fancy in the intro, but I'm guessing it's 'cause my Literature paper's today. Remember how I told you guys about a part 2 of the... Continue Reading →

Misheard Lyrics In Songs #1

Wow, today's gonna be a great day. Wanna know why? 'Cause it's the 1st time I didn't write this post at 7 pm or at 10 pm on a Sunday! Yay XD Ah, yes: one of the most awaited series of this blog. In case you're clueless as to what I'm talking about, I'll give... Continue Reading →

Expectation vs Reality

Whew, after 3 gruesome days of writing tests; I can finally relax 😌. Unfortunately, my brain ran out of ideas to write a poem/story 😅. Instead, here's an expectation vs reality post to compensate for that. You know what the drill is, right? Okay, let's get into it. Happy reading! New Year: E: "I'm gonna... Continue Reading →

Some More Memes!

Hehe, today's the first day of my tests but here I am posting memes for no reason 😂😂 Have some memes for the day, and comment below on which ones were your favourite. Now..................let's release the memes! #1. The Argument Simulator- brought to you by Spongebob (For the 4th pic): Literally every single imaginary argument... Continue Reading →

Awkward Situations In An Exam

#1. When 85% of the exam is based on that ONE topic you decided to skip. #2. Dealing with the extreme betrayal of your teacher, because nothing makes sense in the question paper. #3. The mind games that MCQs and True or False questions entrap you in. #4. The panic that settles in when you […]

Would You Rather?

Guess who's back after a week long break! The very reason I took a break was because my creative core had been drained completely. Guess posting twice a week wasn't a good idea at all..... So for the (5th?) time, Imma change my blogging schedule to something convenient: random musings shall be released once a... Continue Reading →

Awkward Situations In School

#1. The surprising union of classmates whenever a substitute teacher is present in class. #2. That ONE kid who ruins the chance to get away with not doing/not having homework! 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ #3. When the teacher calls you out to answer a question, even though you haven't been paying attention/didn't raise your hand. (Bonus points if... Continue Reading →

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