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Fact or Fiction: Smiling Is Contagious

*whips out imaginary camera and yells "Say cheese!" * Nah, I'm just joking. But didn't those few seconds of smiling make you feel good? I'm sure it did, 'cause there's lot more to smiling than just fun or goofy pictures. It is often said that a smile can brighten up any dark or dull room.… Continue reading Fact or Fiction: Smiling Is Contagious

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Expectation vs Reality

Whew, after 3 gruesome days of writing tests; I can finally relax 😌. Unfortunately, my brain ran out of ideas to write a poem/story 😅. Instead, here's an expectation vs reality post to compensate for that. You know what the drill is, right? Okay, let's get into it. Happy reading! New Year: E: "I'm gonna… Continue reading Expectation vs Reality

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Hey, Leave The Sharks Alone!

Sharks are quite interesting creatures. Sadly they're often represented as ruthless and bloodthirsty beasts that seek to destroy everything (*cough* every thriller movie featuring a villainous shark *cough*). However, in reality they're quite nonchalant unless provoked. They would prefer to snack on crustaceans, seals, other types of fish, or even their own species (yep, some… Continue reading Hey, Leave The Sharks Alone!

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Take A Chance!

Don't drone on, take action!Don't complain, observe and adapt insteadDon't wait, strike while the iron is hot!Don't bog down, carry on with confidenceDon't slack off, practice makes perfect.Keep the ambitious flame burning,Don't pass off such amazing opportunities!Most importantly, be brave to take a chance:Because you'll never regret it in the long run. Go ahead and… Continue reading Take A Chance!

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From A Science Student To You

What happens when we sit down for Physics class? We try to control the tantrums of vector quantities, We've become pro "dimensional formula" translators, Our brain is hurled in a projectile motion, Back to high school now,'cause Newton's Laws of Motion are here. What happens when we sit down for Chemistry class? The mind blanks… Continue reading From A Science Student To You