Things You Get When You Wear Braces

After 2 gruesome weeks of exams, they're finally over! But, the bad news is that 12th Grade classes begin today and I've got to swap my online quarantine routine for my forgotten offline routine 😢 (But the bonus point is that I can physically meet my friends). Anyways, it's been a while since I wrote... Continue Reading →

Hey there!

Today's post is gonna be simple. I'm just gonna ask you one simple question: How are y'all doing? How am I doing, you ask? Well...........I'm drowning in a sea of projects and assignments for this whole month. It's better explained through these gifs: (My laptop whenever I type lengthy drafts) On the plus side, I've... Continue Reading →

Awkward Situations In An Exam

#1. When 85% of the exam is based on that ONE topic you decided to skip. #2. Dealing with the extreme betrayal of your teacher, because nothing makes sense in the question paper. #3. The mind games that MCQs and True or False questions entrap you in. #4. The panic that settles in when you […]

Awkward Situations In School

#1. The surprising union of classmates whenever a substitute teacher is present in class. #2. That ONE kid who ruins the chance to get away with not doing/not having homework! 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ #3. When the teacher calls you out to answer a question, even though you haven't been paying attention/didn't raise your hand. (Bonus points if... Continue Reading →

Student Evolution

Scenario: Teacher kicks the student out of the class for *insert any reason* Teacher: "You. Get out of my class, now!" Primary Schooler: *crying* "Sorry, teacher. Please don't call my mom!" Middle Schooler: "Meh, why not......" High Schooler: "Woohoo! Now I don't have to do any kind of work!" -Silver Stone

From A Science Student To You

What happens when we sit down for Physics class? We try to control the tantrums of vector quantities, We've become pro "dimensional formula" translators, Our brain is hurled in a projectile motion, Back to high school now,'cause Newton's Laws of Motion are here. What happens when we sit down for Chemistry class? The mind blanks... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Maths

Maths: the only subject where a random dude just buys some stuff in bulk, and nobody knows why. Also maths: the biggest drama queen to have ever existed, because it has more problems than Jay-Z. -Silver Stone

The Struggle Is Real!

Teenagers: the group of kids who are too old to do certain things, but are too young to do other things. Who else agrees with this? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 -Silver Stone

Decisions, decisions

Who on earth would even stay awake at an ungodly hour like 3am?! None other than the slacker Sheena herself. What was meant to be a time of resting, turned into a race against time; just because she left her incomplete assignment at the last minute. Oh, and it was worth 30% of her exam's... Continue Reading →

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