SWS #8 – Crossroads

A twilight hero, a dystopian reality After months of being forgotten, the Stories category of my blog has finally been revived. I originally thought of posting a meme, but I guess y’all had your fair share of memes during these 2 months; so here’s a SWS for a change. Also, this is the last week... Continue Reading →

SWS #7- The Success Story

Want to participate in the challenge? Check out the guidelines by clicking here. Without failure; success cannot be achieved. The prompt for this week is explained in the title itself, which is Success. So that was my take on it. The thing everyone forgets/overlooks about failure, is that you're supposed to look at it as... Continue Reading →

A Potpourri Of Stories

Disclaimer: This was pushed to Friday instead of Wednesday because I didn't want to post a half written and rushed post. Instead of releasing these posts separately, I thought of combining them together to create a fun collection of stories. Hope you enjoy them, and comment down below on which one's your favourite! 1. 6WS... Continue Reading →

The Adventures Of Pearl

It's no surprise that monkeys are adventurous and mischievous, but Pearl outshone them all. Pearl was an over-the-top inquisitive and observant baby monkey, and all of her friends knew this. Sometimes, she would go snooping around places where she shouldn't be just to observe the mechanized world; much to the dismay of her exhausted mother.... Continue Reading →

Oh really?

"But mom, I swear I'm an expert in Spanish!" "Of course you are, dear." "I'm not joking! I can easily detect any kind of nuance in the dialect of speakers." "Then explain the F on your paper, son." (Word count = 38 words) This last minute idea was written in response to Sammi Cox's Weekend... Continue Reading →

“Time” for some stories, guys!

See what I did there? 😉 Yeah, you guessed it. The prompt for this week is: Time, and if you'd like to participate in this challenge; here are the guidelines. The Stories Created: Time: a friend or an enemy?The race against time is never-endingHistory is often lost in timeKilling time is a traditional activitySo many... Continue Reading →

Overactive Imagination

"When I wasn't saving planets from dastardly aliens, or slaying dragons; I was a deep sea diver: exploring the unknown and battling vicious monsters. Wait.....what's happening? I'm being pulled by something strong.....no, NO!!!!!!" "Alright Kevin, let's get you out of the bathtub. Mommy's gonna dress you up real nice and cute! You can meet your... Continue Reading →

In Response To A SWS Challenge #4

It's been a while since I participated in this challenge, so here I am! I've got a handful of stories for this week's prompt, which is: Home. If you'd like to participate in this challenge, then you can check out the guidelines, by clicking this link. Anyways; let's get back to the main topic here,... Continue Reading →

Decisions, decisions

Who on earth would even stay awake at an ungodly hour like 3am?! None other than the slacker Sheena herself. What was meant to be a time of resting, turned into a race against time; just because she left her incomplete assignment at the last minute. Oh, and it was worth 30% of her exam's... Continue Reading →

If only……

He sat all alone in his dimly lit room; which blocked the never ending bickering of his parents. He absolutely loathed every minute of their fight; it was a never ending cycle of insults and shouts thrown at each other, which was followed by a very petty truce. No matter how many times he tried... Continue Reading →

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