Hours pass by, the clock ticks away:The idyllic neighborhood lulled into a soundless sleep.The moon and stars have come out to play,Yet you're wide awake! Poor little soul, plagued by sleeplessnessAs you toss and turn, desperate for a wink of sleep.Counting sheep seemed fruitless; erratic thoughts rushing to your headA sliver of sleep caresses your... Continue Reading →

Dear Fictional Characters

You've brightened my life in the darkest times, You made me smile when I was down in the dumps. You've made me laugh till my sides were sore! You opened portals galore, to take me to another dimension where I could forget my worries and be myself. We've been on plenty of thrilling adventures together... Continue Reading →

Moonlit Bliss

Soothing, serene, melodic and tranquil notesLull my weary soul to sleep.In a land of moonlit dreams I wander;Not a single earthly worry in sight.Jumping across the wispy dream catchers,Wordlessly spilling secrets in the starry sky.Among the silent oceans my mind sails,Finally delving into the state of peace.It's timeless moments like these we must cherish,Before going... Continue Reading →

Fade Away

I feel that my eyes deceive meThis is not the situation I ought to be in!Whatever happened to all my lavish fantasies?Gone! Turned to dust, disintegrated! Panic seeps through my mind,Fear has paralyzed my whole body."Please let this not be the end!" I desperately cried,"Isn't there a way I could get a second chance?"I look... Continue Reading →

A Ray Of Sunshine

On one particular day,A family was blessed with a ray of sunshine:An adorable little baby girl. A precious and fragile bundle of joy,Wrapped up cozily in the blankets of innocence.Her tiny form and curious eyes,The little squeals and coos that melt hearts.The sleepy kicks and stretches you makeAs you peacefully dwell in your slumber,Swimming in... Continue Reading →

Take A Chance!

Don't drone on, take action!Don't complain, observe and adapt insteadDon't wait, strike while the iron is hot!Don't bog down, carry on with confidenceDon't slack off, practice makes perfect.Keep the ambitious flame burning,Don't pass off such amazing opportunities!Most importantly, be brave to take a chance:Because you'll never regret it in the long run. Go ahead and... Continue Reading →

The Vast Unknown

The ocean is indeed one of nature's intriguing mysteries,Synonymous with that of an iceberg:Only the outer layers appeal the human eyeBut what really lies within the deep? Down in the murky depths where the sun ceases to shine,Down in the kingdom of pitch black silence,Down where grotesque monsters live,Down where hazardous rocks guard the inhabitants,What... Continue Reading →

We meet again

Gone are the blossoming spring days, Where newborn promises are forged with hope. Gone are the blissful summer days, Where we cherished moments under the sun. Gone are the breezy autumn days, Where the rain washed away all our fears. Gone are the cool winter days, Where the fire kept us warm throughout the night.... Continue Reading →

From A Science Student To You

What happens when we sit down for Physics class? We try to control the tantrums of vector quantities, We've become pro "dimensional formula" translators, Our brain is hurled in a projectile motion, Back to high school now,'cause Newton's Laws of Motion are here. What happens when we sit down for Chemistry class? The mind blanks... Continue Reading →

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