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In The Winter Rain

Image credit goes to Vlad Chetan @ pexels.com Ice cold water spells,Retreat hastily back to your warm cocoons:Earthly life slowly rejuvenates. Boy is it really freezing in here! At this point, I've become too attached to my fuzzy socks and my blanket for even sleeping at night. Honestly, the weather needs to make up its… Continue reading In The Winter Rain

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Months to Come

The day may seem to be far away:But the effects last for many months to come. Sleepless nights and undulating stress,Rooms littered with mountains of books galore:Slow and nagging frustration bubbling up insideOnly to be simmered down by relaxing beverages.The never-ending rabbit hole of quizzes and testsFlashcards and mind maps to aid revisions.Some nights you… Continue reading Months to Come

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Moonlit Bliss

Soothing, serene, melodic and tranquil notesLull my weary soul to sleep.In a land of moonlit dreams I wander;Not a single earthly worry in sight.Jumping across the wispy dream catchers,Wordlessly spilling secrets in the starry sky.Among the silent oceans my mind sails,Finally delving into the state of peace.It's timeless moments like these we must cherish,Before going… Continue reading Moonlit Bliss