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That One Time I Wrote About A Buzzfeed Quiz

Hey everyone! So.....I guess it's time to find out which type of healthy-junk food combo I am through this random Buzzfeed quiz. It's totally random, but I knew I had to do this some time. If you'd like to give it a try, click on the following link right here: "Which healthy-junk food combo are… Continue reading That One Time I Wrote About A Buzzfeed Quiz

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The OCs of SS: Part 1

Guess who's gotta go back to offline classes today? The transition itself is so bizarre, but I'm still kind of excited at the same time. So, here's to my "first" day going well! Okay, you've read the title: you know what's coming up, right? Here it comes....... Tada! Here's a sketch of some OCs of… Continue reading The OCs of SS: Part 1

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Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge

Image credit goes to Skedrick @ Hey everyone! Hope y'all are doing okay and staying safe during these times. Boy, do I have a rather hilarious post in store for you today. Better buckle yourselves up for this one. Today's post is going to feature a second serving of the "Fibbing Friday" challenge, but… Continue reading Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge

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Moonlit Bliss

Soothing, serene, melodic and tranquil notesLull my weary soul to sleep.In a land of moonlit dreams I wander;Not a single earthly worry in sight.Jumping across the wispy dream catchers,Wordlessly spilling secrets in the starry sky.Among the silent oceans my mind sails,Finally delving into the state of peace.It's timeless moments like these we must cherish,Before going… Continue reading Moonlit Bliss

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Things You Get When You Wear Glasses

*Eminem moment here*: Will all the glasses wearers please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up. Ever wonder what it's like to even have glasses? Whether you've had them since you were a kid or have recently got them due to excess screen time or just plain old age: glasses come with its own… Continue reading Things You Get When You Wear Glasses