1 Year Anniversary Of My Blog!!

Technically I started this blog on March 31st, 2020; but it's never too early to celebrate, right? Time sure flies quickly now, doesn't it? It seems like only yesterday that I decided to start a blog after my 10th board exams were suspended, and now look at how far my blog has come: we're so... Continue Reading →

Memes: Tom and Jerry edition

Who doesn't love Tom and Jerry? They were our childhood, after all. So, just for the heck of it, here are some Tom and Jerry memes. Enjoy! Until then, fellow readers! See you next week -Silver Stone

Fandom Memes

What better way to end this week of blogging by sharing a bunch of fandom memes? Well, y'all know the drill for meme posts: so let's get going! Warning: there may be some anime memes ahead, 'cause I'm a shameless otaku, lol 😂 (otaku - Japanese slang for "fandom geek") #1. Morty....is that you?! Poor... Continue Reading →

Should I do it?

After failing miserably in brainstorming a new post idea for this week, I just gave up on trying to force myself to write stuff. However, I need to ask you guys something. With the success of my "Song Lyrics After Bad Translation: Pt 1" post, I thought of adding a music category into my blog,... Continue Reading →

Hey there!

Today's post is gonna be simple. I'm just gonna ask you one simple question: How are y'all doing? How am I doing, you ask? Well...........I'm drowning in a sea of projects and assignments for this whole month. It's better explained through these gifs: (My laptop whenever I type lengthy drafts) On the plus side, I've... Continue Reading →

Some More Memes!

Hehe, today's the first day of my tests but here I am posting memes for no reason 😂😂 Have some memes for the day, and comment below on which ones were your favourite. Now..................let's release the memes! #1. The Argument Simulator- brought to you by Spongebob (For the 4th pic): Literally every single imaginary argument... Continue Reading →

Would You Rather?

Guess who's back after a week long break! The very reason I took a break was because my creative core had been drained completely. Guess posting twice a week wasn't a good idea at all..... So for the (5th?) time, Imma change my blogging schedule to something convenient: random musings shall be released once a... Continue Reading →

Another meme for the week

Good news everyone! My midterms are finally over, and now I can relax and focus on my blog more! 😆 Anyways, here's another meme I have to share with you guys. Have a dose of a Homer Simpson meme: I can't possibly be the only one who does this! 😂😂 Hit up the comments if... Continue Reading →

Memes: ’cause we need ’em

Meme#1: Will Potterheads please stand up? Well? Where are you now, fellow Potterheads? 😂😂😂😂 Also, let me know what's your Hogwarts house in the comments below (it can be more than one, don't worry). I'll tell you what mine is: 90% of the time I keep getting Gryffindor. The other 10% of the time it's... Continue Reading →

Some random facts about yours truly

Because sometimes facts are just facts, and a post idea you'll get when you're clueless about what to post 😂😂 The Facts: #1. I'm the most zoned out person you'll ever meet. Like seriously, you could be talking to me about any kind of topic, say food or life; and I would've clocked out mentally... Continue Reading →

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