Music Post Suggestions?

Guess who's gotta go back to online classes temporarily? Yup......with the surge in the cases in my country, my college has decided to conduct online classes temporarily as per government orders. The plus side is that we only have three 1 hour classes a day (otherwise, there'd be a boycott from all parties 😂😂). But... Continue Reading →

Misheard Lyrics In Songs # 2

The dreaded weeks have come-th, thou student bards must brace thine-selves for the tempest! In simpler words........ "Brace yourselves, exams are coming". Don't know why I had to sound so fancy in the intro, but I'm guessing it's 'cause my Literature paper's today. Remember how I told you guys about a part 2 of the... Continue Reading →

Misheard Lyrics In Songs #1

Wow, today's gonna be a great day. Wanna know why? 'Cause it's the 1st time I didn't write this post at 7 pm or at 10 pm on a Sunday! Yay XD Ah, yes: one of the most awaited series of this blog. In case you're clueless as to what I'm talking about, I'll give... Continue Reading →

Song Lyrics After Bad Translation: Pt 1

'Sup everyone? Today's post is going to be something that's quite hilarious to read; just a heads up. I recently saw a bunch of videos that dealt with song lyrics after crappy translation, and man was it hilarious! After watching them, I thought, "Why not write a post with your own song choices?" and lo... Continue Reading →

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