Whale Of A Tail

While searching for my "beautiful" dicot stem diagram, guess what I came across? Are you ready for it? *drum roll intensifies* I present to you, a drawing of a humpback whale's fluke. Honestly, I thought I threw it in the trash cause it looked so bad (at the time I drew this), but know that... Continue Reading →

A Slithery Critter

Guess who’s offline classes started a week before the exam (of all times). Anyways, jump back to last Tuesday to see where I got inspiration for today’s post. While listening to “Apocalypse” by Cigarettes, “Pale Blue Eyes” by Velvet Underground, and “Space Song” by Beach House, which animal did I decide to draw out of... Continue Reading →

Frosty Evenings

Why did I doodle this at the last minute you ask? Well, my creative core was slowly getting used up while I was writing my English Literature project's rough draft. So I thought, "Why not doodle something? Fresh story and poem ideas will anyways come to you once you're done with your projects". (P.S: I... Continue Reading →

The Inktober Trial

One afternoon, I got bored of drawing cartoon characters/mini comics to kill time. So I decided to give Inktober a try, and it has produced some interesting results. Even though the drawings aren't "in order", I thought it would be nice to branch out to other styles of sketching. So.....ink drawing: welcome to SS's art... Continue Reading →

Sketch Prototype

Because the blogosphere needs more doodles! Tell me if it needs any improvement/adjustments: all kinds of criticism is welcome. -Silver Stone © 2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved. Don't land yourself in hot water, be smart!

The Wall Of Art

It’s been a while since I posted a doodle, so here it is: Ta da!!! This Wall Of Art features a collage of doodles from 2018 onwards. Comment down below which one’s your favourite. Until then, fellow readers! -Silver Stone

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