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The Peer Pressure Tag

Image credit goes to some random Pinterest template I found Here it is, at last. The tag that I've put off for a solid year is finally being answered 😅🤭 Anyways, if you've stuck around WP for a while, you must've probably heard of this tag just floating around in the blogosphere. So, here's "The… Continue reading The Peer Pressure Tag

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The Read Write Contest (feat. Some Blogging News)

Hey guys! Hope y'all are having a lovely or an eventful December so far. Today, we're gonna be looking at this really cool contest called the "Read Write Contest" hosted by none other than Betty @ The Box Of Wonder, a really cool blogger who's got some wacky and fun posts and also the Santosphere… Continue reading The Read Write Contest (feat. Some Blogging News)

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Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge

Image credit goes to Skedrick @ Hey everyone! Hope y'all are doing okay and staying safe during these times. Boy, do I have a rather hilarious post in store for you today. Better buckle yourselves up for this one. Today's post is going to feature a second serving of the "Fibbing Friday" challenge, but… Continue reading Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge