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The GIF-Y Love Tag: GIF spams ahead

Figured I might use this in light of Halloween. On a side note, this GIF is just too good and too addictive! GIF hunting is literally such a fun thing to do, and a nice way to kill time (especially when your WhatsApp friend group spams memes and GIFs periodically). I was tagged to do… Continue reading The GIF-Y Love Tag: GIF spams ahead

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Catching Up On Awards #2

Good grief, I should really keep a track of awards/tags I've been nominated for, because I'm absolutely clueless on how many of them I've received over the past few months! 😅😂 Would you guys do me a favour and remind me what awards/tags I've been nominated for in the comments below? Y'all would be helping… Continue reading Catching Up On Awards #2

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The Vincent Ehindero Award #1 & #2!

Disclaimer: This post was delayed by a week because of several posts being on hold. To the person who nominated me, I'm sorry for any kind of inconvenience. I just had to clear all my pending projects before doing this, because I had to get that issue of my chest. Hey everyone! Guess what happened… Continue reading The Vincent Ehindero Award #1 & #2!