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The Liebster Award #7 !

Lucky 7, am I right?? Anyways, I'm gonna be doing an award post for a change, because why not? Shout out to Nikitha (formerly known as asic ) @ NIKSZINE for tagging me for this award. If you want to read some pretty interesting and funny and insanely relatable slice of life posts as well… Continue reading The Liebster Award #7 !

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The GIF-Y Love Tag: GIF spams ahead

Figured I might use this in light of Halloween. On a side note, this GIF is just too good and too addictive! GIF hunting is literally such a fun thing to do, and a nice way to kill time (especially when your WhatsApp friend group spams memes and GIFs periodically). I was tagged to do… Continue reading The GIF-Y Love Tag: GIF spams ahead