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Writer’s Block Sucks – The Stages

Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.- Wikipedia's definition of writer's block Don't you just hate it when you sit in front of your laptop and open Word/Notepad/(insert any writing tool) and stare at it for hours and… Continue reading Writer’s Block Sucks – The Stages

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In The Winter Rain

Image credit goes to Vlad Chetan @ pexels.com Ice cold water spells,Retreat hastily back to your warm cocoons:Earthly life slowly rejuvenates. Boy is it really freezing in here! At this point, I've become too attached to my fuzzy socks and my blanket for even sleeping at night. Honestly, the weather needs to make up its… Continue reading In The Winter Rain

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Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge

Image credit goes to Skedrick @ reddit.com Hey everyone! Hope y'all are doing okay and staying safe during these times. Boy, do I have a rather hilarious post in store for you today. Better buckle yourselves up for this one. Today's post is going to feature a second serving of the "Fibbing Friday" challenge, but… Continue reading Redefining Book Titles – Fibbing Friday Challenge