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When You Work Out Once

Definitely not me slacking off for 3 weeks thinking about what to write. So, uhm……here I am ๐Ÿ˜…

So….working out. What comes to your mind when you hear these words? Muscles (no brainer there), HIIT (high intensity interval training : for the confused souls out there), treadmills, deadlifts, typical gym stuff. We basically think of all the extremely intense stuff like 95% of the time. If you’re not into such things, then the definition of “working out” might be like that of pilates, zumba or yoga for you. I know, yoga is technically not considered as “exercising” and all that, but hey: at least you’re working on those stretches and strength training, right?

Long story short, the definition of “working out” is very subjective depending on whom you ask. I personally am someone who exercises moderately on alternate days, and just straight up drops flat after a 35-40 second plank. I swear, time just slows down super duper fast when you plank. In the end however, working out has it’s benefits, be it for health benefits or for just lifting off a huge weight off of your chest (no pun intended). But have you ever wondered what are the stages of working out? Well, I’m here to tell you that right now.

So buckle up and get yourself something to eat/drink. Imma share the stages of what happens when you do work out.

#1. Motivation and pre planning:

Ok, this is where we all start. Maybe the pants don’t fit. Maybe you need to get into shape before you go back to your sport. Maybe you need a new hobby. Whatever be the reason, you’re now pre-planning how your work out routine looks like, and you’re most definitely gonna ace it.

Once the thought crosses your mind, you’re Googling “exercises for beginners”/”weight exercises for beginners”/”how much weights should I lift as a beginner”/”motivational workout music”, etc. You’re buying yourself cute workout clothes for “motivation” (or to brag, idk). You’re setting up a new diet plan as well. You’re all set for everything you need to go ahead with reaching #goals or being a #fit-spiration to everyone.

#2. It’s D-Day:

The day has finally come. The day has officially arrived. You’re walking to that area (whatever preference you have) with confidence. Kind of like that ending explosion scene in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”. You’re ready, and everything shall go according to plan. Time to unleash the beast in you.

#3. Feel Good Inc (exercise edition) :

One day, one day in this regime. One day into exercising and it seems to be going super duper fine for you. You felt the burn, you felt the sweat. You feel like a champion after doing so much. You feel like shouting it from mountain tops. No, you feeling like bragging about it every 2 seconds. Whatever be the case, you did it.

Sure, there were a few hamfisted attempts at doing a specific exercise, you still tried, right? You’ll get better and better with it every attempt.

#4. The Aftermath:

The sound of your alarm goes off. Your endorphins are racing, and you’re ready to get up and sprint 20 rounds. This day will be a great one, I can tell!

BAM! You’re coming down from the high of working out. Sore muscles, sore muscles, sore muscles. It feels like a crap ton of bricks have been dropped on you the minute you put a pinky toe out. God knows how you’re gonna function today.

#5. Demotivation:

This happens to the best of us. The key to a good workout, is to be consistent. Tough work, but it’s a requirement.

Maybe you’re too busy with school/college/work, or you have other commitments. Whatever be the case, you’re slowly kicking out your exercise regime out of your day to day life. One day you were determined to channel your inner beast, but the next day you’re like, “Workout, what’s that?”. It just completely slips from your mind and you just carry on one day.

#6. Rewind….and Repeat!

Repeat steps 1-5 once again in some other time. Maybe when you get your mojo. Maybe when you plan your routine to be a bit more accommodating and flexible. Maybe when you plan your exercises to not be super stressful. You’ve got this, buddy. Just keep going!

Honestly, I don’t know where to go with this point. The title just speaks for itself.

Well…..that’s what a typical routine looks like for a majority of us. What points would you like to add? Lemme know in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed this post, and forget to check out other posts in the blog.

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for now.

-Silver Stone

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