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Vacation Snapshots

Hey everyone! Hope y’all are doing okay and you’re having a nice week/weekend ahead.

So……for the past 3-4 days, we’ve been chilling on a vacation (apologies for responding late to your comments), and it went pretty great so far (even though the weather was very wack and indecisive). Today, I’ll be sharing some snapshots from the vacation, that are mostly nature based.

Well, here they are:

I just love how the sunset gave such a beautiful contrast to this whole scenery
A paddy field
“Holy mother of cows!” (there’s a lot of them)
Yes, this ish is real. This ain’t a stock photo, lol. This was taken a day before publishing this post

That’s all for now, and lemme know in the comments which picture was your favourite. Don’t forget to stay tuned every Monday and Friday for new posts/random musings.

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for now.

-Silver Stone

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