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Types Of Fandom Fans We All Know

Ah, the much awaited topic is here. Fandoms, fans, more fandoms, more fans. Book fans, sports fans, music fans, fans everywhere. Need I say anything more?? (okay, I really need to stop using “fan” and “fandom” so much in this first sentence πŸ˜…)

Anyways, we’re talking about fandoms: why do we love fandoms? Fandoms are cool, fandoms are great. They’re also a nice way to connect with fellow fans and to talk about theories and plot holes and other Easter eggs. However, we’ve come across multiple fans who take the very name of “fandom” to the next level. Some are subtle, while some are….well, not so subtle. So today, I’ll attempt to describe the different types of fans as much as I can. Without further ado, let’s examine all the types of fans we’ve encountered. Let’s go!

#1. The Ride or Die :

This is the fan that’s extremely devoted to and passionate about their fandom and will stay with them to the end. No matter how long ago the fandom died, or how old a fandom is: they’ll stick with them to the very end. These are also the ones that’ll give a 50 page speech on why it’s the greatest fandom ever if a non fan asks why they’re so attached to it (I know I would do that if someone asked me that XD ).

#2. The 007 :

Get it? ‘Cause this refers to going incognito??

Anyways, these are the undercover fans who won’t openly express their admiration for a fandom in front of others, but will literally pour out their fangirl/fanboy heart out on the internet or any forum concerning their fan. Or, in an alternate way: these people will say that they’re not huge fans of “xyz” fandom, but will secretly hoard tons of merch of that fandom and will safely stash it in their room.

#3. The Shippers :

No, this doesn’t mean they’re part of several shipping companies to export merch or DVDs internationally or locally.

This refers to the fans who love to play Cupid every chance they get. The main purpose of these fans watching a particular series/listening to music, etc is to just pair up their favourite characters together: no matter what the circumstance may be. Sometimes, they also pair up other characters together because they think that they’re “compatible” with each other. Often times, this would result in nonsensical pair-ups, or even completely toxic pair-ups: which would 85% of the time generate a whole debate on these “couples” that’s often dubbed as “The Shipping Wars”. Trust me, you do not want to go there in any fandom.

#4. The Fairy Godmother :

A new fan has joined the fandom. They’re absolutely clueless as to where they should start and how they should go about in a fandom. Who could even help these confused people?? The Fairy Godmother can! (P.S: I don’t mean Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, okay)

So, these people are the ones who’ve been in the fandom for a long time and know everything about it: including the ups and downs. They’ll be super sweet towards the newbies and explain the 411 about this fandom and how to avoid triggering a certain category of fans. They’ll be absolutely open to answering any question you have, and they’re basically the go-to for surviving a fandom.

#5. Team Plutonium :

You know how plutonium is a super toxic element known to mankind, and it’s whopping destructive power? In almost all fandoms, you will without fail find a huge chunk of plutonium that’s ready to completely destroy them over almost anything.

By now, it must’ve clicked in your mind that the plutonium in question refers to the toxic fans. To be honest, they don’t even need that much introduction. Even if you’re minding your own business and enjoying the show/music/or anything, or if you criticize a particular aspect of the fandom or the star(s) of the fandom: that just basically rings the dinner bell for these fans to rush out and ruthlessly pounce on you and tear you to shreds. This type of behaviour is not healthy! I repeat: it’s not healthy! It just damages the fandom and it turns people away from joining the fandom.

#6. The Anton Ego:

For those who haven’t watched Ratatouille (spoiler alert, by the way) : he is the top food critic in Paris who’s super ruthless in writing reviews, and also got Gusteau’s (the restaurant Remy the rat adores) downgraded from 5 to 4 stars.

Similarly, there are fans of a particular category of movies/TV shows/books/sports/music, etc who’s main job is to just criticize them or do that to people who enjoy a particular category. say rap music. In short, they’re just super hard to please sometimes and/or act like elitists most of the time. Oh, they’re also super wary of mainstream stuff as it is “way out of their league”.

#7. The Fakers :

This one’s pretty self explanatory and quite possibly need the least amount of explanation here. Long story short: these people pretend to like a fandom or “be” a part of a fandom, but will probably get caught in 4k if asked any trivial question about it. So, that’s about it for this group, lmao.

That’s basically it for this post so far. Lemme know in the comments below which fan you are or which ones you’ve encountered the most. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for a new post on Friday.

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for now.

-Silver Stone

Β© 2022, Silver Stone. All rights reserved. Don’t land yourself in hot water, be smart!

19 thoughts on “Types Of Fandom Fans We All Know

  1. Ok as someone who has been a part of many fandoms this is hella accurate but the ones I have encountered a lot are THE SHERLOCKS who analyse EVERYTHING and come up with fan theories which BLOW MY MIND like the ones who breakdown episodes of a tv series or a movie these people are GENIUSES

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  2. The Shippers get annoying, in my favourite series, people ship one cat from the first series to a cat in the last series, or cats that have never interacted with each other.

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  3. I’ve encountered a lot of #5s; that was the reason I never got into some things until adulthood, or ever. I also spent most of 2011 in a relationship with someone who claimed she was a #4 but didn’t realize how much of a #5 she was.

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