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Morning Glow

The sun slowly rises, illuminating the dimly lit room through a small peak in the curtain. The chirping birds and the cool, gentle earthly breeze settles the mood for the newly born morning.

Yet we are asleep.

As I open my eyes and slowly rise to begin my day, I can't help but steal a glance at your form. How peaceful you look: serene yet adorable. Your tousled hair framing your soft face and the honey glow of your skin, and your relaxed features. It's almost as if you're an angel: an angel flung into this world from outer space. A sweet angel who often makes me think how on earth did I end up with you. How did I get so lucky?

I can't help but smile as I reach out to caress your gentle face as I think to myself,"Sweet dreams, my love. I'll see you soon."

Well, this was my first time attempting to write a fluffy little piece, and I seriously hope it turned out well. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for now.

-Silver Stone

Β© 2022, Silver Stone. All rights reserved. Don’t land yourself in hot water, be smart!

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