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In The Winter Rain

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Image credit goes to Vlad Chetan @ pexels.com

Ice cold water spells,
Retreat hastily back to your warm cocoons:
Earthly life slowly rejuvenates.

Boy is it really freezing in here! At this point, I’ve become too attached to my fuzzy socks and my blanket for even sleeping at night. Honestly, the weather needs to make up its mind. Do you want to rain like there’s no tomorrow or do you want it to be a tad bit sunny? You can’t do both at once and fool us a lot!

In light of experiencing erratic rainy days and power cuts, I decided to write another Haiku for it. Lemme know what you guys think in the comments below. Oh, and how’s the weather doing in your area? Is it as crazy as it is here or is it a tad bit calm?

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for the week.

-Silver Stone

© 2021, Silver Stone. All rights reserved. Don’t land yourself in hot water, be smart!

23 thoughts on “In The Winter Rain

  1. In Canada, you never know what to expect, it snowed before Halloween! And then it just poofed away! Snow will come soon. It’s supposed to be really warm today and really cold with snow tomorrow.

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