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That One Time I Wrote About A Buzzfeed Quiz

Hey everyone! So…..I guess it’s time to find out which type of healthy-junk food combo I am through this random Buzzfeed quiz. It’s totally random, but I knew I had to do this some time. If you’d like to give it a try, click on the following link right here: “Which healthy-junk food combo are you?”.

Okay, let’s get started with this weird but fun quiz!

#1. Which animal would you rather be?

The duckling looks so freaking cute!! It’s so fluffy and so squishy 😍

#2. How sleepy are you right now?

This weather makes it very suitable for sleepiness. Like literally, it was raining so much last week and it’s gotten super cold and gloomy as well.

#3. Do you enjoy school?

Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s meh…..but in the end, it’s one of the most memorable times of your life. So, enjoy it while you can!

#4. Do you like soups?

Hot ‘n sour soup. pumpkin soup and a few others are just so good! Especially creamy tomato soup with croutons 😋

#5. Which of these is the most appealing?

As much as I am tempted by the chips and nachos pic, I’m adoring the beach pic. It looks so serene and so beautiful.

#6. How lazy are you?

I’m kind of on the “I’m craving for a snack but I’m too lazy to actually go get it” side 😂

#7. How do you feel about moustaches?

I literally have nothing to say on this one, though.

The result??

Uhm…….this is an interesting combo?? I mean, I love chocolate and some cauliflower based dishes (even though I think cauliflower is okay-ish), but this is such a funky combination. (Btw, did you know dark chocolate has some of its benefits as well?)

Anyways, if you do try this quiz at some point, lemme know what you guys got.

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for the week.

-Silver Stone

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