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The GIF-Y Love Tag: GIF spams ahead

The Long, Remarkable History of the GIF

Figured I might use this in light of Halloween. On a side note, this GIF is just too good and too addictive!

GIF hunting is literally such a fun thing to do, and a nice way to kill time (especially when your WhatsApp friend group spams memes and GIFs periodically). I was tagged to do this by Simran @ Far From Perfect, who’s a new blogger with some pretty great content and awesome poetry. Do give her blog a visit since it really needs more recognition from other bloggers out there!

Okay, so the main rules are to credit the original creators of this tag (shoutout to Nehal & Tiction for this one) and just follow the set of prompts that are there for this tag. Are you ready for the GIFs ahead? Okay then, let’s get going!

The GIFs:

#1. I’m Bored:

In The House Bored GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Me when I’ve rewatched the same YouTube videos/binge watched a Netflix series/ after playing nonsense on my guitar for about 10 minutes 😁

#2. Current Mood:

It is a Friday. - GIF on Imgur
Anime Dance GIFs | Tenor

Both GIFs are literally me after my Chemistry exam on Friday πŸ˜‚

#3. Reading:

Reading GIFs | Tenor

Let this GIF’s adorableness speak for itself…….

#4. Sarcastic:

Louis Tomlinson Sassy GIFs | Tenor

The amount of sass Louis is giving out here…..oh my god. Nothing more needs to be said πŸ˜‚

Top 30 I Am King GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

Oh, and how could we forget about Scar?

#5. Spongebob:

so relatable tumblr spongebob - Google Search - image #3338448 on

*throws Uno reverse card in this scenario, and sighs* Noisy neighbours…….it’s worse when you’re stuck in a 360 degree surround sound loop.

#6. Angry:

My Hero Academia One Shots - Katsuki Bakugou+Reader(Angst) - Wattpad

I present to you……anime’s most angry Pomeranian to ever exist. Honestly, this dude needs to chill: like really chill.

#7. Scared:

Home Alone - Kevin Screams GIF | Gfycat

Had to throw a “Home Alone” GIF in here for no apparent reason XD

#8. Laughing:

Michael Jordan Best Funny Laughing Gif For Facebook & Whatsapp - Animated  Gif Images - GIFs Center

Ahh “George of the Jungle”. I almost forgot you existed for a second right there.

So……that’s all the GIFs I could hunt for now. Don’t forget to comment which ones you liked the best. Once again, a shoutout to Simran for nominating me for this tag!

Until then, fellow readers! SS is out for now.

-Silver Stone

32 thoughts on “The GIF-Y Love Tag: GIF spams ahead

  1. I just watched home alone like 2 days ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… what a coincidence!
    perfect gifs, they fit for each situation, and louis’s face in that one 🀣🀣

    Liked by 1 person

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