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Look on the bright side

Let’s face it: 2020 has let us down in tons of different ways. Doesn’t this wanna make you go back to December 31st, 2019 and just jump to the year 2021? We’ve all been there before, and to be honest: the months feel like a year/decade now. However, there’s still a way we can stay positive during these dreaded times. After all, light can be found in the darkest of moments.

The pandemic has forced all of us to stay at home and carry on our day to day activities (be it work from home/online classes). Instead of whining so much about being confined indoors and missing the vagabond tendencies, think about the opportunities Mother Nature has given us, while she heals herself. Now that you’re stuck at home with your family, why not make the best of the time you have now? Spend some time with them, instead of shutting them out; ’cause you’ll never get these moments back. What about those hobbies you’ve yearned to pick up? Go online and start taking those lessons/tips to strengthen your special skills. Who knows, you might make a fortune out of it one day! Have a pet? Play with them/spend some time with them, ’cause they always know how to make you feel better on an off day. In case you need a change of place, go for a short walk (with a mask, obviously. Don’t try to be cool by stepping out of the house without one). The fresh air will definitely calm your nerves down. Wanna talk to someone when you’re bored? Call up/chat with old friends once in a while. It’ll make you nostalgic about those school/college/university days, and you’ll be caught up with their current lives and vice versa. When all else fails, just sleep……..’cause nothing beats catching a few z’s, right?

Apart from all the various opportunities that await you, now’s the time to be grateful for whatever you’ve been blessed with. I mean: think about the homeless, the hungry, the doctors who risk their lives to protect us, and all other types of souls out there. It’s no walk in the park for them, and they to are as scared and stressed as we are. That’s another thing this pandemic has taught us: to never take things for granted. We mustn’t lose hope and we must think about our well-being, and pray for their’s to.

As for fellow student bloggers of all ages: don’t take your studies lightly, be serious about them. Also, don’t give up on your dreams! If you work hard, you can achieve the impossible. Oh, and don’t forget to Netflix/Prime Video/YouTube and chill after a long and gruesome week. Setting everything aside, there’s always a way to look at the bright side in crappy situations. It isn’t that hard to try, and it takes our mind off the bad things and makes us less stressed out. So stop complaining about the bad, and start embracing the positive effects of the current situation!

-Silver Stone

60 thoughts on “Look on the bright side

  1. Thanks for sharing so much positivity with us all! It’s true that this year has been horrible but there’s still been some incredible moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I started teaching myself five languages on top of the three I already knew and my sister moved back in with me and my parents which was truly such a gift πŸ’•

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that this post has made your day! 😊
      These are such great achievements, btw! Even in these tough times, we can still find ways to be positive and make the most of what we have ❀

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  2. I didn’t think that the pandemic was as bad as everyone made it out to be. The pandemic gave me employment opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The only downside for me was not being able to travel….

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  3. That’s so true, either we can whine about these times or we can make te most of it, things are little upside down out there but it is way it is…accept it and work on different aspects ❀❀❀

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  4. Silver Stone, I really enjoyed this post! β™₯ You’re right about looking at the positives. It’s easy to look at all that has gone wrong. Clearly, it’s right there in our faces every single day! Changing our perspective to appreciate the good that has come from it all takes a little more effort but can turn our whole mindset around!

    My favorite part of this whole post: “That’s another thing this pandemic has taught us: to never take things for granted. We mustn’t lose hope and we must think about our well-being, and pray for their’s to.” — Yes! I agree with you 100%! So many people, just as you mentioned, are suffering in ways most of us can’t even imagine. We are incredibly blessed when we put things into a proper perspective. It doesn’t mean life is a bed of roses and all is going smoothly. It simply means we can hope, pray, have faith in God, and encourage those who need us the most.

    Thanks for sharing this beautifully written, uplifting post! πŸ’•

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