Expectation vs Reality

Whew, after 3 gruesome days of writing tests; I can finally relax 😌. Unfortunately, my brain ran out of ideas to write a poem/story πŸ˜…. Instead, here’s an expectation vs reality post to compensate for that. You know what the drill is, right? Okay, let’s get into it. Happy reading!

New Year:

E: “I’m gonna do so many things this year. It’s gonna be better than the last one!”
R: *eating pizza like a couch potato while watching TV* “Eh……..just one more episode”

Waking up:

E: *insert any dramatic film scene of someone waking up*
R:*alarm buzzes/parents bust in yelling at you to wake up* “Urgh, just lemme sleep already”

Study goals:

E: “Okay, I’m not gonna slack off this time. I’ve got a solid plan that’s bound to be 100% successful. We’re gonna get those A’s!”
R: *the day before the test/exam* “Gaaaaahhhhh! When did we even learn this?!”

Working out:

E: “I’m gonna keep myself in good shape! Those jeans won’t know what’s coming”
R: *1 day after working out* “Chips is love, chips is life. Besides, these pyjamas are super comfy”

Fast food & drink menu:

E: Looks gorgeous, mouth-watering and tempting as heck
R: “Uh………………….is this even the 3 cheese pasta that I ordered???”

Mannequin clothes trial:

E: “Hmm, these clothes are gonna look so dope on me. I should try them!”
R: *mega gasp* “What have I done?!”

Singing in the shower:

E: Sings like an epic bawse
R: Sings like a screeching cat

Being organised for school:

E: “With these colour coded binder labels, I shall never forget my assignments!”
R: *looks inside the mess of a schoolbag/through the huge pile of papers* “Where is that assignment that was due tomorrow? It’s gotta be in here somewhere!”

Class schedule:

E: “Wow, we all have the same classes together!!”
R: “Not one of us has a single class together. That’s a bummer……….”

Accidentally opening front camera:

E: Looks photogenic enough without even trying
R: *insert the potato filter here* XD

Getting a haircut:

E: “Can’t wait to try out this new hairstyle! It’s been so long”
R: “What just happened?!”

Nap time with pets:

E: Everyone’s sleeping cozily like a baby
R: Dog barks whenever something/someone passes by, or them sticking their nose/paw right in-front of your face to disrupt your sleep

Winter (in a nutshell):

E: Dress hip enough to go to school/work/college
R: *after wearing 10 layers of clothes* “Brrr, it’s still freaking cold!”

Until then fellow readers! See you next Monday!

-Silver Stone

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  1. Ha ha! This is all sooo true and very funny. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ooh and btw I have nominated you for a Libster Award do participate in it!! I would love if you participate.
    Many thanks

    Liked by 3 people

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