Awkward Situations In An Exam

In order to “celebrate” the test/exam season students are trapped in, I happened to note down every single awkward instance of writing a test/exam. This was lying in my drafts for nearly 1/4th a month so far, and I decided to publish it, ’cause why not? Comment below which ones you can relate to the most, and if you have any more situations to add. I can’t wait to hear from y’all. Enjoy reading these all-too-real points!

#1. When 85% of the exam is based on that ONE topic you decided to skip.

#2. Dealing with the extreme betrayal of your teacher, because nothing makes sense in the question paper.

#3. The mind games that MCQs and True or False questions entrap you in.

#4. The panic that settles in when you accidentally bring the TV remote instead of a calculator to an exam.

#5. That one friend who says they didn’t study anything, but you catch them asking for extra sheets.

#6. When the teacher decides to stand next to/behind you while casually reading your answers.

#7. Not knowing the meaning of a particular word, and so you decide to change the whole sentence while writing a composition/essay.

#8. Your brain refusing to co-operate with you during exams, and it decides to shuffle play all your favourite songs.

#9. Spending 90% of the time thinking, “What is this new devilry?!” or “Is this some kind of Elvish? I can’t read it!” (Cookies for those who guessed these Easter Eggs correctly 😜)

#10. Doubting yourself and then deciding to change the correct answer immediately.

#11. When everyone’s on Part 2 of the exam, but you’re still stuck on Question 2.

#12. Deciding to skip a tough question, but then seeing the next question being based on the one you skipped.

#13. Having that irrational fear of being stuck in a time warp during the exams.

#14. Being faster than a supersonic jet during the last 5 minutes of an exam.

#15. Thinking you’ve done well on the exam and going around telling everyone it was easy, but then have your hopes crushed by some unexpected results (a.k.a me when I saw my Physics and Chemistry mid- term results 😅😶).

Until then, fellow readers! Silver’s out for the week.

-Silver Stone

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26 thoughts on “Awkward Situations In An Exam

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  1. All of these are sooo true! 😂catching ur friends asking for an extra sheet where as you have a lot space left in the first one only 🤣

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  2. Some are good! I hated teachers looking over me – meant I couldn’t work.
    I had a GCSE paper based on what I didn’t study. Not exactly. In school we studied for 4 out of 6 questions and one book wasn’t finished in class. Well, I don’t study ever… so didn’t study. And one of the 4 questions was based on that text that I’d never seen in my life (I chose to answer one of the questions my school didn’t study for, that I’d seen the text of in primary). Not sure if this makes any sense, but yeah

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    1. Exactly! I’d lose concentration whenever that happens.
      Well, I guess it made sense. I had attempted a question based on a chapter I didn’t study, and it didn’t go quite well though….


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