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A Ray Of Sunshine

On one particular day,
A family was blessed with a ray of sunshine:
An adorable little baby girl.

A precious and fragile bundle of joy,
Wrapped up cozily in the blankets of innocence.
Her tiny form and curious eyes,
The little squeals and coos that melt hearts.
The sleepy kicks and stretches you make
As you peacefully dwell in your slumber,
Swimming in an ocean of dreams.
A gem you are, indeed!

Slowly but steadily, you’ll grow up soon
To be a young girl of tomorrow.
While the world is cruel and selfish,
You must never hide that smile of yours.
Sometimes it’s okay to stand out from the rest
Never be ashamed of who you are.
Be confident with each stride,
Most importantly: be confident when you speak up!

But for now, just be that goofy baby
Relish these golden moments of innocence.
May your life be filled with abundant happiness,
May you be the little joy-bringer in other’s lives.
Keep smiling, little one:
‘Cause you’ve got a long road ahead of you.

This was written to celebrate the entry of a baby girl into our family 2 weeks ago. I can’t say how much I adore my baby sister, but this poem can express it! Also, this is my 100th post on TBSOTPH: say what??

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this poem, and I’ll see ya on Friday. Until then, fellow readers!

-Silver Stone

© 2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved. Don’t land yourself in hot water, be smart!


52 thoughts on “A Ray Of Sunshine

      1. Yup, they finally got over!
        Now we’re on vacation (classes resume on Monday, unfortunately 😅). So, technically I’ve been doing the same stuff for a week 😂


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