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SWS #7- The Success Story

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Without failure; success cannot be achieved.

The prompt for this week is explained in the title itself, which is Success. So that was my take on it. The thing everyone forgets/overlooks about failure, is that you’re supposed to look at it as a teacher/guide to improve yourself for the challenges ahead. Don’t simply ruminate on the past like a broken record, since it’ll hold you back from doing better in the future. Instead, focus on your mistakes and think about how you can avoid making the same errors again.

On another note, I have an announcement. Since my midterms are next week, it may take a while to respond to your comments/schedule a post for Wednesdays. Please bear with me on this issue, because I feel that giving a small gap in the schedule for this month will restore my creative core completely. Hope my apology is accepted, don’t forget to stay happy during these times, and I’ll see you on Friday. Later!

-Silver Stone

36 thoughts on “SWS #7- The Success Story

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