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The Vast Unknown

The ocean is indeed one of nature’s intriguing mysteries,
Synonymous with that of an iceberg:
Only the outer layers appeal the human eye
But what really lies within the deep?

Down in the murky depths where the sun ceases to shine,
Down in the kingdom of pitch black silence,
Down where grotesque monsters live,
Down where hazardous rocks guard the inhabitants,
What secrets do you hold?

Only the brave and curious seek the hidden treasure:
Where bio-luminescent jellyfish thrive,
Sharks, vampire squids, and nautiluses roam about,
The moth like trap the angler-fish sets for it’s prey,
The spider crabs mingle with the other ghostly beings,
These are the tokens that await the triumphant ones.

Alas, these are just mere rumors and myths;
For no one dares to dive down deep.
Sometimes I wonder if a day may come
when the watery shadow realm will be unearthed.
No matter how hard I try to forget,
I just can’t get the vast unknown out of my mind.

I don’t know what made me write this, but I just couldn’t ditch this cool idea. A shoutout to Tarushi’s poem Deep within the waters for inspiring me to write this piece. Please do give that amazing poem a read, ’cause it just keeps you engrossed till the end. Oh, and vampire squids are an actual thing. Don’t believe me? Then Google it and see for yourself

And……….this post sort of concludes the August archives. Stay tuned for fresh posts in September, and I shall see you on Monday. Until then, fellow readers!

-Silver Stone

©️2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved.

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