A Potpourri Of Stories

Disclaimer: This was pushed to Friday instead of Wednesday because I didn’t want to post a half written and rushed post. Instead of releasing these posts separately, I thought of combining them together to create a fun collection of stories. Hope you enjoy them, and comment down below on which one’s your favourite!

1. 6WS #6: (Guidelines are here)

This week’s prompt: Peace

  1. Peace has become a priced commodity
  2. Be at peace, not in pieces
  3. A sound sleep; a peaceful mind
  4. “We want peace!” cried the animals
  5. New bet in politician’s gamble? Peace
  6. Inner peace yields a happy life

2. The 20 Word Challenge: (Title: 2020 Lifestyle)

This week’s prompt: Quarantine

It’s been nearly half a year since the world was quarantined. Who knows what interesting hobbies we may pick up? (You know where this is going πŸ˜‚)

3. One Liner Wednesday:

This week’s prompt: Dreamin

Version #1: I’m just a student, who’s dreaming of a nice 2 month vacation after this gruesome exam…….

Version #2: The once impossible goal was now accomplished: he finally reached for the stars!

4. Thursday Write Photo Challenge: (Title: The Smiling Moon)

This week’s prompt: Crescent

With her back against the trunk of the old fir tree, she sighed dejectedly. How could she even face her teammates after that embarrassing move on the field? She thought that they would’ve started hating on her by now, or even spread nasty rumors. “Damn, if I hadn’t tripped in the last few minutes….” she silently cursed.

She then looked at her watch and realized she had been in nature’s company far longer than she expected. Smiling sadly, she got up and ventured back to the stadium; knowing that she had to face her friends sooner or later. But what she didn’t realize was that the moon was smiling at her with radiance: an unexpected surprise was waiting for her.

5. Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: (Title: The Showstoppers)

This week’s prompt: Night meets day (Warning: It gets a little philosophical here……..)

Day and night: they’re 2 sides of the same coin. While both are some of nature’s finest wonders; they are the personification of 2 contrasting themes. One represents hope, happiness and success; while the other represents serenity, mystery and our darkest fears/insecurities. In accordance with Mother Nature’s “equilibrium” law: one cannot exist without the other, and I shall let you justify this statement in your own words.

However, they have a common factor. Something which can smooth out and harmonize the extremities of these beauties, something which will capture the hearts of us fickle minded humans, something which will become a part of the Earth as a whole. It’s none other than the showstoppers: dusk and dawn.

-Silver Stone

©️ 2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved

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