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Overactive Imagination

“When I wasn’t saving planets from dastardly aliens, or slaying dragons; I was a deep sea diver: exploring the unknown and battling vicious monsters. Wait…..what’s happening? I’m being pulled by something strong…, NO!!!!!!”

“Alright Kevin, let’s get you out of the bathtub. Mommy’s gonna dress you up real nice and cute! You can meet your friends later.”

“Until next time, dear rubber duckies….”

One night while I was thinking of brushing up on my Chemistry notes, this adorable 3 liner was born! This was written in response to this week’s TLT challenge, and if you’d like to participate in this challenge, then read the guidelines.

If you’d like to see more of my stories, click this link. Until then, fellow readers!

-Silver Stone

Β© 2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved

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