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10 favourite feelings!

This is quite interesting! I’ve been tagged to share my 10 favourite feelings, not by one; but by 2 bloggers. I’m so sorry for delaying this post. It’s just that my schedule was kind of in a rut, because of college work. But, better late than never, right?

Thank you INSA BATLA and Mrs.T for tagging me to participate in this challenge. I’m so happy and super stoked to do this post!

Backstory of the tag:

Well, the brain behind this fun tag is none other than Xandria; who’s a lifestyle blogger, and a travel lover. She created this tag after seeing a bunch of “My favourite feelings” videos on YouTube. I think this challenge enables us to spread positivity and happiness during these horrid times. So, kudos to you Xandria! 😁

What about the rules??

Just list out your 10 favourite feelings. It’s honestly that simple!

Ok then, grab a snack; ’cause it’s time to know about Silver Stone’s favourite feelings!

The Feelings Countdown:

#1. Headbanging to a kickass song:

Fellow rockers and metalheads will get what I’m talking about. Whenever you hear a song that’s got a sick riff and solo/epic bassline/dope lyrics and when it has a great progression; you just can’t resist headbanging, tap your foot/fingers or do some weird dance. You won’t even have a single care about the looks you’re gonna get for acting weird, all that matters is you jamming to your song!

#2. Binge watching a series:

Be it movies or TV series, I just can’t resist binge watching ’em all! Even though I feel bummed out for finishing an epic series quite quickly, I remind myself that there are plenty of fish in the sea to harass 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

#3. Smell of rain and roasted coffee beans:

These are the 2 smells that somehow manage to calm me down. I can’t explain why, but everytime it rains, or the beans are being processed, I can’t help but feel relaxed when the said aromas are produced. Setting that aside, cheers to all coffee lovers out there! β˜•β˜•

#4. Cuckoo moments with your friends!!!!

Back when Silver Stone was a super angsty teenager; I had 3 best friends with whom I’ve shared some of the most crazily hilarious memories in school. It ranges from us ditching P.E class just to chat in our “meeting spot”, walking around the basketball court like drunkards during lunch break, them hogging my food and then rubbing that fact in my face, pranking each other in weird ways, to two of us witnessing the “brawl” between the other two idiots. Even though we’ve hit some rough patches along the way, I’m so glad to have created and shared such funny memories with those 3 buffoons.

This goes to you 3 idiots; I hope we can meet up someday and laugh over those hilarious memories. May our cuckoo spirit never die! ✊🏼✊🏼

#5. Any WordPress notification:

Even though I joined the WP community only 3 months ago, I feel like I’ve been blogging for 3 years. Whenever I get a notification related to comments, follows, or any other blogger’s new posts; I just kind of feel great. Some of the comments even make my day, and exploring other blogs is also a great way for me to find people with similar interests.

#6. Having a good cry:

I’m a person who’d rather cry out their feelings than scream it out. Whether I’m super pissed off at someone, or when I’m sad/experiencing mood swings; I just have to let it out, because it’ll slowly eat me from the inside if I bottle up those feelings. Sometimes, it’s good to cry, and a huge weight will be lifted once I do so.

#7. Doodling with music:

Well, my doodling algorithm is something like this:

Doodle supplies + Spotify & headphones= Boosted Creativity (in some cases, it’ll be accompanied by some sleepiness)

This however, results in my mom yelling at me for not responding to her calls, or answering a call at the wrong time. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

#8. Spending time with my family:

This is something my dad insists on having a majority of the time. Be it watching Netflix, playing cards or some board games, just chatting while dinner’s being prepared, road trips, or just chilling on the terrace; I actually like spending time with my parents. You shouldn’t take this for granted, and you need to make the best of the current situation, because you’ll never get them back.

#9. Cancelled/Postponed exams:

Remember those good old times where we desperately wanted extra time to study for an exam? Yep, I’m sure we all remember the joy we got when the awaited announcement was made over the intercom. All the books, pens, and other stationery items were thrown into the air, and every student would be screaming their lungs out!

And last but not least……..

#10. The beach, stargazing and watching the sunset:

My 3 favourite things to do when I’m travelling, or when I’m just chilling out on the terrace. The beach reminds me of my childhood, and the other two activities allow me to witness the beauty of the sky. I’m just mesmerized with the way the colour of the sky transitions from a light blue, to a reddish orange, to a dark blue, and finally fades to black. I can also spot some silver linings, funny cloud shapes, twinkling stars and greyish clouds, and many more surprises that are hidden.

That’s all for now, and you’ve also managed to get a glimpse of some of the little things I enjoy in life. I’ll sign off for the week, and I shall see you next Monday. See ya!

-Silver Stone

36 thoughts on “10 favourite feelings!

  1. I loved all the feelings you picked! I love getting WP notifications too- when I first started I used to check my notifications every five minutes but now I’ve limited myself because it was getting to be a bit too much!

    Liked by 1 person

    Cool answers!
    LOL, I also have four idiots that I’m friends with. Love those psychos.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Coffee, rain, sunsets πŸ’™
    Cancelled exam πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If cancelled it is ok
    But if postponed, then tension increases more 😜😜

    Liked by 1 person

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