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In Deep Thought: The Little Flower

So, today’s post is going to be different from all the posts that are a part of this series. In order to prove it, I’ll use a story to show what I’m talking about. Happy reading!

In the dull and barren grasslands, stands a marvellous beauty. Not just any beauty, but a special kind of beauty that you happen to see every 1000 years. That is a flower; so gently rising from the abyss to bloom to it’s fullest. A tender creation that shines with several limpid dew drops on it’s petals and leaves. Who could even possibly think of destroying this treasure?

While it thinks of seeing, and conquering the unknown; it doesn’t realise what it’s in for. What it will experience, is something no sugarcoated fairytale can explain. What it doesn’t know, is that it’ll enter a world full of hatred, pain, and savageness. It’ll enter the world completely defenceless, and it doesn’t know, that the world does not tolerate the innocent.

Now that it’s picked from the fields, it’s beauty is tarnished just by being trampled, have it’s petals plucked, crushed, or straight out eaten away. What was once a natural beauty, that was a gift from God; is now a damaged and disposed toy. It’s innocence was just stripped away within a matter of seconds, and now it’s just a rotting piece of mass that’s going to descend down to the earth and become one with it. This is the story of a sad little flower, who’s innocence was not meant to be taken away by the dark and cruel world.

That was what I was talking about. I’ll let you guys interpret this however you want; ’cause I’m open to all points of view. Hope you enjoyed this, and see ya later!

– Silver Stone

© 2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved


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