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Listed: Excuses we made as kids

Ah, good old childhood days. The days where we used to live with a carefree attitude, and the days which were filled with sunshine, laughs, hyperactivity, and enthusiasm. Those were the days where our imagination was at its peak, and our curiosity was at its finest. Aside from these things, those were the days where our excuses came in handy, ranging from super cliché, to super creative. But what were those excuses? That’s what today’s post is about. Here’s a list of all the excuses we’ve made/used at some point when we were kids.

#1. “The dog ate my homework!”

This is the mother of all excuses, and is one of the oldest and most overused ones as of now. Whenever your teacher called you out for not completing your homework/assignment, you would’ve pulled up this excuse, just to get away. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it at some point of our school days.

Efficiency: 25%

#2. “I didn’t do it! It was like that when I found it!”

This is the one excuse I’ve used for such a long time(even to this very day). Whenever we get into trouble, and someone asks, “What did you do?”/”Why is it like that?”, we would throw this excuse right in their face(s). Sometimes we would get away(if you were convincing enough), otherwise we would land in more trouble. To sum it up, it’s a 50-50 situation.

Efficiency: 50%, or 57%

#3. “I forgot……”

The one excuse that could send you on a one way trip to being punished. This was mainly done to cover up our laziness/procrastination/slacker attitude, which would only frustrate parents/teachers more. There’s not much to say about this one, as it is self explanatory… Overall, this is not the best excuse to be given when you’ve “forgot” to do something, because the odds will not always be in your favour. So, don’t count on it that much.

Efficieny: 10% (it could be more if it was genuine)

#4. “My parents are out of town!”

Just when things couldn’t get any better, we decide to rope our parents into the book of excuses, written and published by us. This excuse could be twisted in any form; from the above version, to, “My parents are “sick!” “. Unless this was actually true, then the teachers would immediately call your parents for clarification,which would be another side business for you to start in order to save yourself from being seriously punished by your parents.

Efficiency: 30%(most of the time), or 62%(if you’re seriously lucky)

#5. “Help, I’m sick!”

Ah, the good old “I’m sick!” excuse, it’s so good because it comes in handy most of the time. Even if you’re really not sick, whatever be the case; this was one of the go-to excuses that was to be used. For me, this was one of the best excuses I would use if I had to get out of P.E classes at certain instances, which was successful 70% of the time. Turns out, hundreds of my classmates used this excuse just to avoid doing awful things in P.E; however, the teachers were still suspicious of our intentions. So most of us had to hide, bring a fake letter from the doctor/parents, or just suck it up and go to class. Well, guess this is one excuse that’ll never die.

Efficiency: 70%

#6. “I was late cause of the traffic!”

So…… Traffic time can be an excuse, huh? Well, it turns out, it can! This is also a perfectly legitimate excuse, cause let’s face it; traffic bites, a lot! Bonus point, it’ll save you from trouble if used wisely! After all, this is the best excuse for everyone, be it students or office workers.

Efficiency: 90%

So, these are some of the excuses I’ve remembered as of now. It was good to remember the good old school days, once again….. What was the best excuse you’ve used? Even better, what was the best excuse you’ve heard so far?

-Silver Stone


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