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Dog Diaries: Lockdown Days

Hey everybody! Hope everyone’s safe and doing ok. In order to lighten up the mood, I’ll share an excerpt that I’ve come up with related to my dog. So this is just a collection of thoughts that a dog(or any pet) would have during the lockdown. Happy reading!

Day #1:

I woke up today, and saw that my humans are not around. Why would they leave me? Have I done something bad? Wait…..

*looks around confused*

Why is it so quiet? Where is everybody?! Where are my friends?!

Day #2:

I woke up and thought it was a nightmare, but I saw the exact same thing today.

*sits in a defeated pose, which will later be accompanied by dread*

Wait a minute. Where’s my food?! Where’s my treats?! Humans, where are you, and what are you doing with my treats?!

*plants face near the window with a desperate look*


*exactly 10 minutes later*

Ok, this does not work at all! Maybe I’ll try a new trick just to get my treats. But what is that? Why is thinking so hard?! Dogs shouldn’t think this much! Oh, my head hurts…

*light bulb goes off in head*

Oh man! I got a nice idea! If I do this, I’ll be able to get something!

*proceeds to mentally chant “Treats, come to me” a 100 times, but nothing happens*

What?! No success?! Man, my life sucks a lot! 😦

*goes and sulks in a corner*

Day #3:

This is a song, dedicated to all my friends out there. Even if you’re a stray, just enjoy.

Where are all the humans gone?

Where are all the treats?

Where’s the stupid mailman,

That I like to harass?

There’s no one on the roads, to bark at now… life officially sucks.

Late at night, I toss and turn and dream of my utopia that I need…….

I need a billion treats!

Im holding out for humans to run around.

There’s got to be open dog parks,

There’s got to be lots of chew toys,

And lots of space to run and pee….

[ A cookie will be given to those who could guess the song that I parodied here 😉 ]

*gets interrupted by owners scolding it*

Ok fine humans! If you guys won’t understand my problems, then who will? The dang trees? Whatever, I won’t give you guys any more entertainment……

Day # 4:

My life sucks….. What to do? Why did I even go to these humans’ house? Oh right, for the free food; how stupid of me. But if I escape, then there will be no free food. Why do I always fall into this trap?

*a random person starts walking on the road, the dog perks up on seeing this*

Wait…. Do my eyes deceive me? Is that an actual human walking? Oh my god! My dreams have come true! Yes!!!! I can finally bark now! Freedom at last!

* Dog starts barking immediately, owners start shouting at the dog to keep quiet*

You can’t say anything to me now, humans! I’m free to bark! Yes, I’m free from this torture!

Day # 5:

🎵Nobody knows, the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows…… 🎵

*front door is unlocked, and one of the owners goes and talks to the dog*

Oh my god, now you remember me all of a sudden? What did I even look like to you; refried beans?! Anyways, that doesn’t matter, atleast you’re here! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. Let me just lick you, so as to show that!

* Starts licking the owner. Dog sees the door open, and tries to enter it; but is stopped by the owner, who goes inside*

But why?! I need to go inside, please!!!! I don’t care if the front yard is my “quarantine home”, I want to purify the house with my scent and my presence itself! 😡

*whines angrily, and then proceeds to sulk in a corner, again….*

Inside the house:

*At dinner, the dog starts eating food as if it’s never been fed for an eternity*

Oh my god, I’ll never ever forget you, food! Finally, these humans have remembered to feed me! Food…. I’ve missed you so much!

*After sometime, the dog decides to get attention by whining; but is later dismissed and scolded by owners for being bratty*

What’s so wrong in trying to get attention? I need you guys to stop ignoring me, and play with me! Please,humans!

*realises that it’s a lost cause, and decides to sleep*

Oh well, atleast I tried! I can’t believe I have to go through this for a whole month…… This was indeed, a week well spent, I guess…..

I hope this was enjoyable and fun to read. This was something that I had to plan out and write properly, so that’s why it took some time. Do you think I should write more scripts like this? Comment down below if you think I should continue this series.

-Silver Stone

© 2020, Silver Stone. All rights reserved


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