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Listed: Mood swings vs You

When you’re a teenager, it’s common to experience mood swings, because of hormonal development. This however, is seen in human beings of all ages, because let’s face it; we are not made to be perfect in any sense. We all have our own flaws, and we should accept them and deal with them in a proper, healthy way. Trust me, I was one of those hormonal teenagers who used to think that the world was against them, and nobody understood them. However, while mood swings are considered to be normal in puberty and in adolescence, they can sometimes indicate an underlying mental or behavioural disorder, which must simply not be brushed off. Today, I’ll just list out the things that can be done when you’re experiencing mood swings. So, just keep reading…..

#1. Never bottle up your feelings

This is the biggest don’t in dealing with your mood swings. Under any circumstances, never ever bottle up your feelings, in fact; don’t bottle up anything at all, because it’s not healthy, and it’ll slowly eat you from the inside. All of this would lead to an unpleasant catharsis in the future, which must be avoided at all costs.

#2. Just relax!

Whether you’re angry, or sad, or on the verge of breaking down; just remember to breathe. Breathing slowly will relax you, and it’s an efficient calming technique. If this doesn’t work, just time yourself out and count to 10 slowly in your head; so that you don’t have an outburst and do something you’ll regret later. Even better, listen to some music, cause it helps you calm down(it doesn’t have to be classical music, just listen to whatever you like). Relaxation techniques often help you cope with mood swings, and it’ll help you control your emotions efficiently. Does this lower your stress levels? Yes, yes it does.

#3. Keep a record of your emotions

While this technique may not be suitable for all, for some, it actually helps. Keeping track of your emotions will help you know your emotional situations, and will help you pinpoint your emotional triggers. In this way, you’ll understand yourself a little better.

#4. It’s okay to talk

Don’t worry, we’ve all been through these awkward and awful situations at some point. It’s a 100% okay to talk about it. Want to share how you’re coping with the situation? Talk to your parents, friends or anyone whom you know and trust. They will help and support you, no matter what. Don’t shut them out of your life, as it’ll only make things worse.

#5. Distract yourself

Take your mind away from the things that annoy you, and do something you enjoy. Had a bad day at school or work? Indulge in the one hobby you love so much. Play with your pet(if you have one), or curl up on the couch and binge watch that one tv show you love on Netflix, or Prime. Do something to distract yourself, as this will take your attention away from the triggered situation, and will make you feel better.

#6. Eat and sleep well

We all eat to live, and we all need sleep. Sleeping helps your body regain it’s lost energy, and recharge itself, and it also increases the efficiency of your brain’s functioning. Likewise, food also gives us energy to do anything, and it satisfies hunger and your appetite. An inadequate balance in either one, or both; will alter your moods and make you feel cranky. So, make sure to get enough sleep(8 hours of sleep is highly recommended), and eat properly, and at the right time.

#7. Exercise

Exercising helps you stay healthy and fit, and it keeps you occupied. Remember, smashing or vandalizing things when you’re angry doesn’t give you brownie points, it only make things worse. Instead, focus all that anger into the one sport you love most,as it is a healthy alternative to channel your anger. If you’re not interested in exercising, just go for a short walk. Just try to stay away from destructive methods of channeling your emotions.

So these are some of the ways you can deal with mood swings. However, if you feel that your mood swings prevent you from going about your daily routine, then don’t be afraid to get help. Never let your emotions get the best of you, just deal with them like you would deal with a problem you’ve encountered. Remember, you’re not alone in doing this, kay?

What do you think is the best way to control or deal with mood swings? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to drop some suggestions, if you have any.

-Silver Stone


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    1. Thanks, glad it was helpful!😊 Even I think talking to people helps, because it helps in getting rid of that uneasy feeling that’s eating you; and I feel that listening to music also calms me down.

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